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▷ 35 Homemade Minion Costumes You Can Make

What Minion costume can I make?

Looking for ideas from Minion costumes for adults made with crafts.

I want to make one minion costume for Halloween and Carnival.

how to do it Homemade Minion costume and easy?

very original homemade minion costumes

Homemade Minion Costumes:

Everyone loves Minions! Even to those who have not seen Gru, my favorite villain. This is the reason why many of us, adults and children, will dress up as Minions on Halloween or Carnival.

Besides, making a Minion costume is very easy. and it is perfect as a homemade carnival costume, for both adults and children. The basic ingredients are yellow (or purple), a dungarees, glasses and little else. Although you can complicate it as much as you want, of course. That’s why we showed several Minions costume ideas that you can do the same with DIY crafts.

As the costume varies depending on whether you were a man, woman, child or even a baby, we have divided the different costumes into four categories: hats for disfrazarte de Minion, Minion costume for woman (sexier), Minion costume for boy and the most original Minion costumes. Below each image you will find instructions in the link to the or a video with the tutorial to make the Minion costume in question.

We advise you to go through the costumes in all sections as you may want to tailor it by making the glasses from one tutorial and the clothes from another, for example.

🏆 There they go, but first, let’s show you The 3 best-selling Minion costumes on Amazon:

Hats for Minion costume

Let’s start by showing you Minion costumes that can be adapted for both adults and children, men and women. It’s about crafts to make the face of the Minion, which is the most characteristic. Here you have several options, although in the costumes that we show you later you can also see other ideas of how to make the Minion’s head with hats or helmets:

craft to make a minion's head
This handmade Minion beanie is a great result and not as complicated as it may seem. Instructions

tutorial to make a hat for a minion costume
This version of the yellow Minion beanie is simpler.
craft for a quick and easy yellow minion costume
You can also use a helmet like in this idea to complement the costume.

Minion Costumes for Women

Let’s be honest, we are more flirtatious than them when dressing up and we don’t like to look like a sack. Women want the costume, in addition to being original, to look good on us. If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t worry because you can get one for yourself Homemade Minion costume for women that fits youand all the sexy you want.

Below we show you several Minion costumes designed especially for girls, and even makeup tutorials for your costume:

In this video tutorial to make an easy Minion costume you can do a step by step how to make a full body Minion costume for women, you can also adapt for men, if we look only at the head part ( in English):

In this video tutorial you will see three ideas sexy Minion costumes for chica what you can do are very easy!:

This other is one makeup tutorial for Minion amarillo or para Minion purple / lilac (in English):

Another very sexy and daring costume, and very easy and cheap what to do is what we teach you next. You only need a black ribbon, some plastic cups, a black marker, a yellow top, vaqueros shorts and suspenders:

Sexy minion costume for women, handmade, very easy
Homemade sexy Minion costume for girls. source

Minion costumes for children

It’s the children’s favorite costume: a Minion children’s costume! Best of all, it’s a very easy costume to make. Here are some homemade Minion costume ideas for little ones:

As you will see in the first three ideas to make a homemade yellow Minion costume for a child, the easiest is throw on a yellow pullover or sweatshirt with a hood and a denim jacket. For the hair, the most practical thing is to use black pipe cleaner, and then the glasses and the rest of the accessories can vary. Take a look at the examples we propose:

homemade minion children's costume
In this Minion costume for the boy the glasses have been made from painted conservation boot tops and attached to the hood with a ribbon. Instructions

various minion child costumes, easy to make
Another option for Minion glasses is to wrap them in aluminum foil and tape them with black tape. See Instructions. Instructions

minion costume for girl
This idea for the girl’s version of the Minion costume is very good and simple. As you can see, they have used normal glasses. Instructions

Not all Minions are yellow! Your son can also disguise himself as a purple Minion. The idea is the same, in this case she wears a wig:

Homemade purple minion child costumes
For the purple Minion’s teeth, you can make the teeth out of paper and hang them with fishing line from the glasses. Instructions

Original Minions Costumes

If you are an expert in handicrafts and have experience making complicated costumes or cosplays, try these realistic Minions costumes, are the most original ones we’ve seen, many look like real Minions. As you will see, most of them are made with foam rubber and cardboardwhole body sound:

original homemade costume of a minion wearing a pirate

original minion costumes, very realistic

handmade minion costume disguised as batman
Minion costume disguised as Batman! Instructions

handmade minion costume carrying a box with you

two homemade purple and yellow minion costumes

homemade minion costume for child, whole body

minion costume for carnival
This costume was made for under $10! Instructions

Very realistic minion costumes

full body minion costume

purple evil minion costume, made with foam rubber

ideas to make a yellow minion costume

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