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▷ 30 original ideas for wrapping Christmas presents

How to wrap Christmas and Kings gifts?

I want to make my own wrapping paper for Christmas.

I’m looking for ideas to wrap gifts from Santa and Santa Claus.

I want to know how decorate Christmas presents in an original way.

how to wrap Christmas presents: 18 ideas with instructions and tutorials

Ideas for participating in Christmas gifts:

As we already mentioned in the article 67 Ideas to wrap gifts in an original way, to wrap Christmas or Magi gifts you can use any of the examples that we publish in this article, even if they are not specifically Christmas, but it is always better to use gift paper with motifs Christmas, don’t you think?

Either way, the point is that the person who wants to open your gift has a surprise for you before they open it… It includes that you are dying to open your gift!

Below you will find several ideas for making your Christmas gifts. We have divided them into two sections; on the one hand, original wrapping paper that you can make yourselfand on the other some details like labels, pompoms or cut-outs that you can add to finish decorating the package.

If you don’t know how to wrap your Christmas presents, below you can see several examples of papers and very original ways of wrapping that you can do easily. you will be able decorate your Christmas presents so that they remain beautiful.

ideas to wrap gifts for Christmas and the kings in an original way

How to wrap gifts that are difficult to wrap

There are gifts that are very difficult to wrap, such as balloons, cups, bottles… All those that have irregular shapes.

To get you started, here’s a video that teaches you how to wrap gifts with complicated shapes (round, cone-shaped, bottles…) using a technique that allows you to make a base type in the paper bag:

There won’t be a Christmas gift you can resist.

Christmas wrapping paper:

If you don’t know how to wrap your Christmas presents, below you can see several examples of very original wrapping paper that you can easily make:

You can make your own Christmas gift wrapping paper using plain white paper or the typical brown packaging and decorate it; for example:

how to wrap Christmas presents: stamped paper

Instructions: make your own tampon following the potato carving technique we saw here or follow these instructions (in English).

Christmas gift paper with Christmas shapes

Instructions: draw on two pieces of kraft paper the shape you prefer and cut it out, then put the gift between the two parts and sew along the edges. source

wrapping paper for christmas diy very easy painting bows

Instructions: very easy: return the gifts with wrapping paper and paint the bows with a brush and temperas, or with waxes. source

easy christmas wrapping paper with a beard santa letter christmas gifts with gift paper decorated in the shape of a snowy city original idea for wrapping Christmas presents in the shape of a car and fir tree original idea of ​​wrapping Christmas presents in the shape of a sleigh

Instructions: return the gifts with brown wrapping paper and decorate them by painting on them as if they were houses or a car, and with other elements such as fake snow and little trees. For Santa’s beard, just cut it into a face. You can find the detailed instructions for these original ideas for wrapping Christmas presents here.

If you like glitter, this is your Christmas paper:

how to wrap Christmas presents: glitter wrapping paper

Instructions in English.

You can also use another type of smooth paper and stamp them with the motifs you like the most to wrap your gifts in an original way. Christmas or for Kings:

how to wrap Christmas presents: reindeer paper

Instructions: print and cut out one of these reindeer silhouettes, then trace it onto newsprint or any colored paper you like. Wrap your gift in smooth paper, white for example, and stick the figures on. Finally, you can tie a string to the package. source

With black paper you can wrap your gifts with a “blackboard” effect:

wrap a Christmas present with paper that simulates a blackboard

Instructions: wrap the gifts in black paper and decorate them by painting with white markers. The blackboard effect is very original. source

Another idea for wrapping Christmas presents is falling apart as if out of Christmas characters. What does this gift look like, decorated as if it were Santa Claus’ belt? Can you think of any other similar wrappers?

Christmas wrapping paper simulating Santa's belly

Instructions: wrap the gift in red paper. Glue around a piece of black paper or tape. Then cut a frame-shaped square out of cardboard to make the belt buckle and glue it over everything. It’s very easy and looks great!

If your gift is small, or something edible, you can use a crystal jar as a wrapper and decorate it with elements like these:

decorated crystal jar, used to wrap Christmas presents
Instructions: put your gift in a large crystal jar. Take a pastry ribbon and attach a spruce cut out of pink cardboard or any other ornament you like. Put the decorated lace on the jar and tie it with a pretty string.

That idea to wrap a gift in an original way is, we repeat, very original:

wrap a gift with a shirt

Instructions: use a shirt to wrap a gift in an original way. Decorate it with a brooch. 3 gifts in 1! source

Details for decorating the gift wrap:

The Christmas wrapping paper is usually decorated with some details on it that give it volume and make it much more festive. You can use bows, tree decorations, plant sprigs, pompoms… Hasta cinnamon sticks!

Garlands for the Christmas tree and garlands for gifts!

decoration for Christmas gifts with garland of paper lights DIY
Instructions: draw and paint the double-sided lights and stick them along a string that you like. Source and detailed instructions here.

This gift has been brought from the North Pole:

wrap Christmas presents with bows

Instructions: return the gift in a single color paper and use some stickers to decorate. By clicking here you can see a tutorial on how to make bows.

wrap Christmas presents with a snowman

Instructions: return the gift in a cardboard box or with plain colored gift wrap. tie a mesh or some fabric detail to it with a bow. To make the snowman’s face you just need to pierce a plastic cap and paint his face. For the nose you can stick a piece of cut orange paper.

wrap Christmas presents with beautiful details

Instructions: choose a Christmas word (or the word you want) and write it in word with the font you like best, at a size suitable for the size of the package. Print it on cardboard, cut it out and cover it with glitter. Then stick it on the wrapping paper you wrapped the gift with and cover it with ribbon (you can use the tree). Source of this and the previous 4 crafts.

You can do the same with these cute little details to decorate Christmas presents. With pompoms, tassels and other decorative elements that you can reuse:

wrap Christmas presents with ornaments made with crafts

Instructions in English.

How about an aromatic gift? Cinnamon is very reminiscent of Christmas. You can use it to decorate gifts:

wrapping Christmas presents with cinnamon sticks

Instructions in English.

Another easy and fun way to decorate gifts is to make paper snowflakes with the help of scissors, or with cords or wool:

wrap Christmas presents with paper snowflakes

Instructions: download these templates to record the snowflakes you like the most and stick them on top of the Christmas package. source

wrap Christmas presents with snow details

Instructions: use glue to join the different wool threads that will make up the snow cap. Be careful because it’s easy to hit your fingers, or the table! The decoration of the rest of the gift consists of brown wrapping paper with white dots and a white cloth ribbon on which the snowflake has been stuck. source

What do you think little bell? They are done reusing Nespresso capsules!

wrap christmas presents reusing nespresso coffee capsules


More ideas for decorating Christmas gifts, with paper details:

wrapping Christmas presents with paper tree balls

Instructions: print and cut out the tree balls you like the most. Here are the templates.

With wool pom poms:
wrap Christmas presents with a homemade pompom

And even with sprigs of aromatic herbs, such as rosemary:

wrap Christmas presents with sprigs of rosemary

Instructions in English.

These ideas are also very good, although a little elaborate, decorating the gift wrap with sticks and wool:

wrapping Christmas presents with details in the shape of a pine tree

Instructions in English.

Finally, the sweetest detail: gingerbread cookies decorate your Christmas presents!

decorate Christmas presents with gingerbread cookies


do you want to see more crafts for Christmas? Here you have them: More than 300 crafts and ornaments for Christmas.

You can also see other articles similar to How to wrap Christmas presents: 30 ideas with instructions in the section Decorate Recycling.

With this post I am participating in the challenge of providing “Christmas wrapping”.

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