▷ 12 Original Bouquets for the bride or to give as a gift (DIY)

What bouquets of flowers can I make for the bride or to decorate?

I want to see paper or felt bouquet ideas to decorate weddings and other parties.

I would like to know how make my own DIY wedding bouquet with paper or felt flowers.

I am looking for how to make a bouquet for a girlfriend original with natural flowers.

diy bridal bouquets made with handicrafts (paper, felt, natural bouquets)

Handicrafts Bouquets of Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is always a good gift for your partner, whether for Valentine’s Day, for the wedding anniversary or for their birthday. It is also ideal as a gift for Mother’s Day or to decorate your home. But without a doubt, the most special bouquets are bridal bouquets.

Next we are going to show you several bouquets of paper flowers, felt or bouquets of natural but different flowers: made with wild flowers or even vegetables. They are ideal as bouquets for weddings, as a gift or to decorate.

Below each image you will find the instructions for the link with the i’s DIY flower bouquet tutorials. If we haven’t put the link it’s because we couldn’t locate the source of this particular craft.

You will find the following crafts:

  • Bridal bouquets of paper, tissue paper or crepe paper.
  • Felt bouquets for bride
  • Bridal bouquets with natural flowers and vegetables
  • More paper and field flowers to make a bouquet to your liking

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These bridal bouquets are made with different types of paper. you will find ordinary paper bouquets, Pinocchio paper bouquets, tissue paper bouquets, or we even made things with recycled paper from books or sheet music…. Lots of original bouquet ideas that you can make yourself or ask us and we’ll make it for you:

Origami lovers will love this modern and alternative paper rose bouquet. ¡A bouquet made with origami!

diy bridal bouquet with origami and paper rosesInstructions

We found this video tutorial to make paper roses with origami:

We love recycled crafts, and, in general, decorating by recycling. That’s why the first bouquet of flowers for wedding that we showed you is done reusing book leaves. You can also do it with common leaves, but it looks great like this:

DIY bridal bouquet with recycled paper roses, very pretty and original To buy


Here we propose a very fine and elegant bouquet. one bouquet of paper roses what can you do:

bridal bouquet with paper rosesInstructions

If you like the anemones, you will love this paper craft. You can use them to make a bouquet or put them in vases. They also serve as a DIY bridal bouquet and are easy to make:

craft bouquet of anemonesInstructions

What do you think of this? Giant pink paper crepe? It is ideal as a substitute for your wedding bouquet or to give a touch of color to a corner of the house:

paper pinocho giant rose craftInstructions

Bouquets of felt flowers

Bouquets of field flowers could not be missing in this repertoire. We show you only three bouquets, but below you can see more wildflowers that you can combine to your liking to make your own bouquet.

If you need to buy field boards of colors for your crafts, just below you can find several options 🙂

buy field of colors for diy crafts

Buy Felt

This bouquet of field flowers is very colorful, casual and spring. It can serve both as a bridal bouquet and to decorate your home:

bouquet for bride with felt flowers, simple and beautiful diyInstructions

If you found this bouquet of field flowers too complicated, here is another one simple felt bridal bouquet to do:

diy bridal bouquet made with felt, very easy and simpleInstructions

300 x 250 wedding 1

Lastly, this other bunch of pink field letters:

bridal bouquet of felt, pink callas

To buy

Bouquets of original natural flowers

If you prefer a bridal bouquet with natural flowers, we show you several ideas below original, beautiful and different bouquets.

Do you prefer bouquets of common flowers?

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East bouquet of white hydrangeas for a girlfriend it is very beautiful and elegant and you can do it wrong:

natural bridal bouquet with white hydrangea flowersInstructions

The following bouquets are natural but they are very original and different because they show off other plants, vegetables and vegetables such as kale, cabbages, or including artichokes:

bouquet of flowers for bride with wild purple collards, very simple and beautiful for an original weddingdifferent bridal bouquet, made with vegetables

very original and alternative bride's bouquet with vegetables, herbs and other natural plantssource

Paper or field flowers to make your own bouquet

If you are not convinced by ours ideas for DIY bridal bouquetsWe suggest you use some of the paper, field and other material flower ideas below to make your own DIY flower bouquet to your liking:

flowers for your wedding made with DIY crafts: materials paper, felt, fabric
Ideas to decorate your wedding with flowers, making a hand with handicrafts (paper, fabric, felt)
flowers made with DIY crafts: materials paper, felt, fabric to decorate your wedding
More handmade flowers with handicrafts to decorate your wedding or make your own bridal bouquet.

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